misc photos: working on papilio

Here are some photos of Papilio through her life cycle so far. Click thumbnails for bigger pictures.

chris blacking the boatChris in this (last?) season’s must have overalls, blacking the bottom of the boat (07/05)
anthea and michelle hard at work Anthea and me sporting matching numbers and also blacking the boat

ant and fi My top pic ever of Ant (background) and Fi (foreground)

a boat out of water A boat out of water

launching papilio Launching Papilio with Greene King IPA, the Cristal of the inland waterways (13/08/05)
cheers! The launch committee (Richard, Andy, Chris and Anthea) enjoying the King at 10.30am

it's ours! The launch ceremony is complete and she is now our Papilio. What are we doing???

chris and andy “Measure twice cut once” in action

tea break “Do as I say, not as I do” in action

inside papilio We lived in this for months over the winter
washing up The first washing up on the boat in the sink

chris in control One hand on the tiller,the other is texting

me at work At last, photographic evidence of me working

saloon The (almost) final result at last! Pretty much how it is now.

billymoon And just to remind us what it was like this time last year when we got her

Chris painting Papilio Now we’re into July and onto painting the outside. There goes Billy Moon’s moon!

painting the outside Papilio is a chrysalis aka in primer

Papilio ulysses This is what will emerge from our chrysalis: Papilio ulysses


3 thoughts on “misc photos: working on papilio

  1. Hey guys

    wow, she looks wicked!! I bet you must be proud.

    Have fun in Spain and Niger, maybe get together when you both return. I really need a holiday! Tom is almost finished thesis and the we are moving, hopefully over west. Maybe can can come visit the boat then?

    Take care, keep on sailing
    Vicky xxxxxxxxxx

  2. I have been cocooning myself on a narrow boat on and off for the last 5 months… it’s great to be able to take your home to the pub for the night!

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