from my mobile

Decided to transfer some mobile phone pictures onto the computer so that I have some space to take pics in Niamey. After a great weekend with my mum and sisters,

(watching Ant do the olympic team event at the London Triathlon: they came 29th of over 300 I think, which is a real achievement considering the small amount of training they did!… meeting my cousins Yee Sian and Li Sian for dinner… mum and Fi staying over night in the boat – the first overnight guests…mum sewing about 75 curtain rings on… putting up curtains… Fiona cleaning up… mum dealing herbal remedies to the neighbours… going to Oriental City, which was surprisingly similar to Malaysia…)

I am somewhat at a loose end (Chris has been snorkelling in the 32C Med today, apparently.) Hence this rather dull diary like first attempt at a blog.

Clearly, I should be packing or something as I leave in about 31 hours. But i think I’ll just sit and enjoy my curtain success for a bit longer.

ant and rita Anthea and Rita on the sofa, with two builders bums in the background

campus U of Reading campus after heavy rain in May 2006

chinatown Chinatown in the rain

mum and fina Mum and Fina in Chinatown


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