first post

Have arrived!

As the plane descended to Niamey airport, there were a few clouds in the sky, some brownish in colour, I guess because of dust. Then it poured with rain the minute we got our bags. It was very impressive, witht he loudest thunder I have ever heard. The airport building wasn’t completely sealed, so rain came in the parts of the building which cooled it down a bit!

On the minibus to the hotel, when it had stopped raining, we saw cattle along the street and floods of red-brown rainwater channeling to the drains. It was all quite dramatic.

It’s quite hot and humid, although it can’t be too much hotter and humid-er than it was in Reading/London during the recent hot spell.

I have covered myself in DEET already and I think it’s irritating my throat. Gotta be better than getting bitten though. My room is air con and so is the room we can get onto the internet with, so I think I’m going to cope with the heat better than at uni!

On the ride to the hotel we saw some shack-like restaurants that are within walking distance and are apparently quite good. A bit like a shabbier version of many places in Malaysia, from first glance. And much the same heat/rain!

The internet connection is slow and intermittent, especially with the thunderstorms so I’ll leave it here.


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