the storm passing The storm that passed over as we were just about to leave the airport. The lightning was impressive, and the thunder was more thunderous than I have ever heard!

river niger The view from the hotel terrace

Papilio something Can someone identify this for me? Looks like it might be Papilio sometihng.

view from hotel This lady was sitting in the island in the River Niger, while some kids nearby were working the land.

kids These are the kids at work in the hot sun, around midday.

butterfly  Another butterfly, unfortunately a bit blurred. their wings were movingso fast!
this web site is soooo slow! i can download tons of

images of local weather forecasts in the time that it

takes to just login to this site. i think i may have

chosen the wrong place to blog…

not much to say, as i’m only writing cos i’m waiting for

the site to load. i really just want to upload photos

but that may have to wait for an evening when no-one

else is using the internet. i haven’t yet eaten anything

dodgy, or spent much time outside of airconditioning.

there was supposed to be a dawn flight this morning, so

lots of people were on the plane at about 1am prepping.

in the end it was cancelled because there was a

convective system developing in northern Benin, which

was exactly where the flight was supposed to go and find

out about the nocturnal boundary layer (sans

convection). so lots of tired people, and the prospect

of doing it all again tomorrow morning. this time with

several contingency plans. i have a feeling that it may be called off, by the look of the

satellite images.

there are lots of geckos and lizards around, which are

very cute. and the butterflies are amazing, some are

very large. mosquitoes too, but i don’t think i have

been bitten yet.

when we walk 3 minutes down the road to the 2xdaily

briefings we pass a few shops but not very busy really.

there are usually people hanging around, waiting to sell

stuff to foreigners like us. i don’t mind the sword

seller or the bracelet seller; i might even buy some

batik from the batik guy. but it’s very sad when it’s a little kid begging and that he needs food for his mum. i never know what to say to him, let alone say it in french. it is recommended not to give anything in the street, but i have lots of biros and am sure to have plenty of coins at the end so maybe i’ll give people stuff on the last few days.

(no idea what’s going on with the formatting, but the connection is bad so can’t be bothered to change it. i think it adds to the vibe of the posting…)


One thought on “photos

  1. Love the photos from Niger – it looks amazing. Keep us posted on what you get up to and see you later in the month, back in the UK. Stay cool and watch out for the bugs! Sinead.xx
    p.s. also LOVE the photos of the boat – it looks GREAT!

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