maiden voyage

it’s midnight and we just got back from flight b230b: my first flight here in Niamey. the bar is closed this late though, so i’m here checking my emails. [good to hear from you sinead, and hopefully we’re still on for the notting hill carnival, although it’ll have to be the monday for me!]

the flight was good, despite the fact that we took off after dark so there were no good views. we were dropping sondes for pretty much the whole flight this evening. i got some plots while on the flight, so will take a look at them a bit more tomorrow. it’s a bit of a mad rush to produce them on the plane! will get the sonde data tomorrow (i think) which will be interesting too. claire – if you are reading this, we flew through some dust on the return leg! i can’t see that data on board though so you’ll have to find out when you get here :-)

went for a swim this afternoon, it was really lovely to get in the water. it was hardy training though, the pool was even smaller than st joe’s!! (for anyone who knows where we swam last year.)
me <-my maiden voyage on the bae146…bae146

gases this truck contains the legendary gases that have been en route to niamey for months. luckily the nigerien police let them go yesterday! they are finally here andapparentlythe guys will be able to get at them tomorrow.
at the airport and on a more relaxing note, the sun setting at the airport.

and with that…goodnight! xxx


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