gust front!

took this photo a few hours ago from the top floor of the hotel. i think the hotel staff were as amused by all of us watching a grey cloud as we were interested in said grey cloud!

gust front coning thru this is the better of the two rather lame photos of the gust front i took. it’s hard to get such a big feature into a photo. the deluge has yet to appear, but i am sure it will arrive quite soon. i’m struggling to download the latest satellite imgaes as the connection is slow today, but i think it’s imminent. and i think i saw a flash of lightning out the corner of my eye just now. the building in the photo is the building we haveour operations room in.
i am going on the dawn flight tomorrow, which will be great as i would probably not otherwise see dawn here. (i am too lazy to get up usually.) i am looking forward to it as it sounds like this morning’s dawn pre-storm flight was very interesting and successful. tomorrow’s will be post-storm so will be very interesting to see how everything’s been mixed up by the storm.

to those asking after my health, yesterday and today i’ve had a bit of a stomach ache but nothing that needs medication, so i think it’s just getting used to the local food. not that there is any noticably local cuisine. it’s all pizza, omellete, chips, chinese, lebanese… very nice, but i’m not sure i know what local food actually is.

the restaurants are actually quite procey, considering we are in the poorest country in the world. you can get a pizza for about £5, and i know for a fact that u can get cheaper in london – and just as good. generally, it’s hard to pay more than £10 for dinner including drinks, but i thought it would be cheaper. a baguette is 15p and a pastry is 30-60p, black coffee 50p. but that’s not so different to spain in terms of price, when you consider how much people earn in each country.

but we are in the capital, and i doubt that the majority of the population eat out here. it’s only rich locals or rich visitors.

i guess i should start doing some work now. am currently relishing my mp3 player (am getting xfm withdrawal symptoms, am even missing the immodium plus adverts…) so it won’t be so boring waiting 5 minutes for each image to download. and i can definitely recommend the kooks album.


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