last post from africa

in proper time, anyhow. i think we lose our internet this evening but i might write stuff and publish later.

went to posh italian restaurant le pilier last night. was great food. i had home made ravioli and then an aubergine and frittata terrine, whichwas great but far too filling considering i had lunch only a few hours previously.

we lunched at 4pm becasue we went to see artisans making their wares (sandals, jewellery, batik etc) and of course we had to buy stuff while we were there. there are some families that live inside the grounds of the national museum in mud huts and do batik. we went to one guy’s hut to see his work and ended up buying £35 worth between the three of us. i’ll post a photo of him later.

after posh dinner for all AMMA folk (including awards ceremony) some of us went to la cloche, probably the best nightclub in niger. it was quite good, except that i wasnt feeling that well. the music was good, mostly african pop, with amusing videos thatemployed technology and effects straight from the 1980s. the beats were good though and most of the locals who were dancing were really quite good (in comparison to us lot!). saw one of the bar staff from the hotel there. he was the one who laughed at me cos he thought i couldnt say “deux bieres” without considering it for a while.

we only got back to the hotel at gone 4, once the club had quietened down. unfortunately i was rather ill when i got back, but on the upside i emptied the contents of my entire digestive system so i feel much better today! should have done that long ago and maybe i would have felt better days ago!

today we have a brief (now) and then we are going to see the giraffes. and if anyone wants me to bring a souveneir for them, let m eknow by text as my mobile works. but i dont have much cash left so i reserve the right to deny any request i can’t be arsed with. ;-) xxx


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