giraffes and la cloche

it’s 1am monday morning and a tranche of AMMA stalwarts have just left for the airport for their royal air maroc flight home. (alex, cedric, dan, doug p, mat, roisin, trev.) plus the bae146 is transiting to dakar tomorrow early, so the DODO dudes, the engineers and the faam people went to bed early for their 3am or 6am buses. so it’s a bit weird really as we have depleted numbers, no internet (hence writing this now and posting it later) and will generally be doing the tourist stuff.

this afternoon we went to see the only giraffes in west africa, about an hour’s drive from niamey. we got a rickety bus there and it was a great trip. luckily, i felt fine, having detoxed my system earlier in the day (in an unconventional yet effective manner). i wasn’t so sure that i was going to be fine at first, but it was ok. i think eating restaurant food is really getting to me now. i don’t know how some people did it for 6 weeks, i would definitely have made my own food a bit if i was here longer than 2 weeks.

back to the giraffes. they were lovely. i took lots of photos. there were quite a few young ones, the youngest only 2 months and already taller than alan woolley. amazing.

had a good time this evening. ate boring food at the lebanese place, where they brought us 2 litres of red wine without us even asking! i don’t know what all the restaurants – and especially the hotel – are going to do without us! on our way home from the restaurant in the taxi, the driver momoud asked if we were going to la cloche (the nightclub that we collectively have frequented). he was laughing at us for going but in a friendly way.

must go to sleep now, didn’t get much last night. neither did anyone i think, after la cloche. doug and john were raving about how great it was last night like teenagers (i paraphrase mat there). and i have photographs to prove it… which i will add when i get back to the uk


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