photogenic kildonan

thanks to taz for telling me how to automate stuff on photoshop x

arran and we’re going towards that??! the view of arran from the ferry wasn’t promising.

kildonan bay but it was gorgeous weather after all. this is the bay outside the hotel!

hotel the kildonan hotel, where we are till tomorrow. it’s so lovely here (and the food too) that i think it will be a shock to the system to go to the field centre, with dorms, school dinners and probably rain.

kildonan bay 2 kildonan bay again. interesting geology.
digger chris, can you send this to private eye and get me a tenner?

night last night’s full moon outside the hotel

loch previously mentioned loch near kildonan. i forget the name, butsomeone hadkindly left a picturesque boat for us to photograph.

seals spot the seals

pine trees the woods en route to the waterfall and the loch

waterfall said waterfall. the loch is earlier in the photos.


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