i hate iphoto

i hate iphoto.  just needed to vent but i cant really go into how angry iphoto makes me, it wouldt be fair on anyone reading this. suffice to say i advise you to never touch it, it’s the worst thing about macs (that i’ve found so far). even worse than the single mouse button.

if anyone has a recommended free mac equivalent to picasa – or even just the regular windows slideshow – let me know before i chuck the mac mini into the canal.


2 thoughts on “i hate iphoto

  1. Hi,

    I had also the same issues – after all I got used to iPhoto (but sill waiting on Picasa for Mac) and in regards of the right mouse button…
    … I bought a mighty mouse and this you can configure to have a right mouse button – I wouldn’t buy it again, because I’m sure there are better mice on the market, but it works…

    Hang in there


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