catch up

so a quick recap.

first few days, did shopping, sitting around etc. Met Limmy on Monday inPrangin Mall.

then went to Sungai Petani on Tue for 2 nights to stay with Uncle Meng’s family. did some more shopping in SP, i went swimming while mum and Aunty Mary went to gym on the second day, at a rather swish sports centre that was more like a holiday report but in the middle of a residential area. i think swimming was the first time up until this point that i really saw the sun, except out the window.On Wed eve we went to the Park Royal hotel to see live music…it was unlike anything I’ve seen before! There was a Malaysian group and n Indonesian group and they played Malay and Chinese songs plus some American, and British songs which were mainly “oldies” but a few more recent ones. The best one was a take on 4 Non-Blondes’ “What’s going on” – the singer really loved singingit.

Fri – went to market and then in eve went to Sushi King for dinner, just mum and me. It was about RM40 (or was it 50?) for both of us – well under a tenner as it’s RM6.5=GBP1. It was fun as it had a conveyor belt!

Sat – the aforementioned Cheng Beng.

Sunday 25th went with Uncle Ping and his family to lunch, and then he took us sightseeing for a bit. We went to the reclining buddha temple and to Khoo Kongsi, a clan house that was very ornate & somehow mum and I had never been before. The point of a clan house was to provide support to members of that family and to give them a temple where they can prey for their ancestors – important as they were new settlers from China so their ancestors were not nearby. Everything was beautifully decorated and I have lots ofphotos that tell the story better but they arent online yet :(

Mon 26th – I am 27. Mum, Fun Khoon and i go to Pulau Jerejek, a tiny island that used to be where they sent lepers to and then a prison island. it only has 1 resort, which we stayed the night at. we went for a walk along the coast where we saw old colonoal admin buildings and the old jetty – all built 1911. most interesting was seeing a little snake, monkeys, butterflies, dragonflies and fish.

jerejak is partly an adventure holiday place as the beach is not great. Fun Khoon and i went on the climbing wall – our arms nearly dropped off half way up because we werent using our legs enough! a schoolboy error, i believe. if they told us to use our legs at the start we would have made it to the top i think, but we both got about 3/4 of the way up. my conclusionis that despite what many metos have told me, climbing is not 4 me. apparently, one of the staff could do the wall in 6 seconds!

after that i couldnt face a jungle trek i was so tired, so i went for a swim to cool down and stretch out my arms. i did lots of lengths of granny breaststroke cos i forgot my goggles!!!!

also did a bit of reading/sunbathing. it was funny cos u can hear the traffic from Penang and also see it whizzing along the road opposite.

each meal at the resport was buffet – a disaster because we dont have self control. good job i’m vegetarian and could only eat a few things! the ais kacang was pretty good as they had the proper machine where they shave it off from a giant ice cube.

that evening mum wasn’t feeling so good with a sore throat/cough. there wasnt much to do anyway, so she didnt miss out on anything by getting an early night. the next morning we went for a walk along the bike trail (couldnt find the hill trail) and i got eaten alive thanks to my all natural insect repellent. we got the 10.30 ferry back and Fun Khoon met us (he didnt stay overnight) and we went to the tropical spice garden. that was really good – like a botanical garden. we saw a bigger snake (cobra??), big butterflies, big iguanas, little cute frogs, etc etc. plus lots of cool plants of course. we had a drink at the cafe there, overlooking batu ferringhi which has a lovely clear view of the empty blue sea.

then went to Uncle Tin’s for a while. His place has so much stuff in it! We had a pandan drink that was yummy – i think it was cordial. after that we went to have fruit ais (like ais kacang with fruit apparently from the tropical fruit farm – altho we saw a van from thailand arrive…). There was a batik ‘factory’ and store there too.

Evening and we go to dinner with Uncle Meng & Aunty Mary at Equatorial Hotel with the view of Penang from the reataurant window. We saw Jerejak! They brought their own wine and wine glasses as the restaurant ones arent up to scratch! Starter and dessert was buffet, you just order your main course. The chef is French so it was European food. Salads / antipasti type stuff v good. Mum had lobster!

The big surprise for me (& mum!) came just after I got my plate of desserts…the waiters came out with a cake and sang happy bday in French! Ayor!The chocolate cake looked v yum. I had actually also had a yummy ice cream cake on Sat with the whole fam, so I have been spoilt =)

Today – Wed 28th
Fun Khoon and I went sightseeing this pm. Saw the marina (tiny), Penang Museum (interesting, lots of info and antiques/artefacts), State Art Gallery (1 room of Malaysian artists, some amateurish, some interesting, some very detailed – my faves were the birds and beetles), and lastly Penang Peranakan Mansion. This was a restored Chinese mansion. The only problem was not having a guide or any written info so I dont have much to say except that it was gorgeously done – although i have lots of photos which will go on picasa eventually.

Right, I think that is enough! I’ve caught up!


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