more sights: war museum, aquarium, snake temple…

this afternoon Fun Khoon took me sightseeing again. it was v hot & humid so we decided against the tropical fruit farm.

war museum

this was an outdoor museum so  got eaten alive again by mozzys. i need DEET! none of this pansy citronella! the museum was interesting as it was all old buildings from ww2. like ammo stores, anti aircraft guns in concrete recesses, soldiers’ quarters, kitchens, sickbay etc. there was a bit of info and i learnt that Penang was surrendered by the British to the Japanese 10 days after the first Japanese arrived, and not a single Japanese soldier was killed.there was some info on the Japanese occupation, showing how brutal they were towards the POWS. there were signs with military jargon/slang, and one that i didnt know befre was that blimey comes from gorblimey which comes from God blind me!


Fairly standard small aquarium, with lots of medium sized tanks. then at the end, you go into a room like a cinema, and the screen is a giant tank, floor to ceiling, wall to wall! some of the fish inside (i think they were called jewfish) were humungous – at leat 1m long and their heads larger than a human head – or at least similar!!!

then at the end they had turtles in (rather small) tanks outside. the adults looked cramped, but the babies were sooooo cute – the size of terrapins. beautiful! when they came up for air u could see their nostrils flaring, i love them so much!!!!

snake temple

at the snake temple there is a tree which has venomous snakes in it, so u could go up and get yourself hurt if you were silly enough. some were v small though, and hard to see as they were green and camo’d with the leaves.

there was also a kind of snake equivalent of an aquarium. saw a royal ball python who looked just like scar (for those who know/knew him!). saw some teeny tiny snakys, and some massive ones. they were beautiful. the cobra was a bit scary!

just nearby the snake temple there’s another buddhist temple where there’s a shrine to Uncle Yoke. we went to say a prayer for him and to light incense for him there. the temple complex is actually vegetarian, so no meat is allowed to be offered. any meat offerings for him have to be given elsewhere so that he doesn’t go without meat!

the hitch hikers guide is starting on tv now so i’m going……………………………..x


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