this is the main attraction/talking point/pass time of malaysia – or at least the malaysia i know. everyone meets up for food. cafes seem to be busy at all hours of the day. where brits go out and drink 10 pints on a friday, my family here tend to just eat 10x a day.

today, my auntie is only eating vegetarian food as it’s the 15th (i thnk) of the lunar month, and she does this on ths day each month for religious (buddhist) reasons. good for me, as i had a really nice meal this evening – one of the best so far. had: sticky rice with chinese mushrooms/carrots; organic greens from the garden; some kind of greens that are like leek flowers, but i don’t think are; green beans and sticky potato dumpling type things with a chilli sauce. yum. earlier, we went to Uncle Yoke’s shrine as mum hadn’t been yet. whike we were there, we bought some curry puffs, savoury yam cakes & pumpkin cakes – all veggie as they only have veggie food there.

earlier on we also had ais kacang at queensbay and earlier still went to the tropical fruit farm and ate about a kilo of fruit each… yum =)

so i have feasted today, and haven’t eaten a single mouthful of tofu. result!


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