tropical fruit farm

im feeling a bit lazy, but want to type this before i forget it all so i’ll be brief.

fun khoon took us to the tropical fruit farm today (2 apr), where our guide talked us (a group of less than 10) thru lots of fruit trees. it was v hot as we got there at about 10.30 after a late start. (mum and i stayed at james’ last night – more abotu that later.)

tasting notes :

  • there are loads of species of banana although you only get about 10 varieties in the shops. we saw monkey bananas which aren’t good to eat (small and have bigger black seeds inside) but are grown ornamentally for the flowers. candle bananas are so called because if you hang a bunch up on a hook, they will drop off like candles (i’ve not seen candles drop though…)
  • pineapple plants only give one fruit at a time as the fruit comes from only 1 point in the plant
  • mace is a a red substance between the nutmeg seed and the fruit
  • water apples come in 3 varieties although the white one (which we tried straight form the tree – like a mini white translucent pear and tasted like a watery pear/apple, weak flavour) is not commercially viable
  • star apples are plain spherical green fruit like an apple, but when cut in two the veins (?) make the shape of a star
  • some species of ginger are grown ornamentally – called lobster claws and bird of paridise flowers
  • durian and mangosteen are seasonal – june-july time. we saw lots of durian trees on the road and they had clmps of flowers, and some had mini durians! so cute!

the guide told us a lot about the fruits although i cant recall it all now! some of the fruit were pretty much extinct he said, as they are being destroyed by property developers. he said this of mimosa as well, the leaves that ‘close’ when you touch them.


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