Anti-spider defences?


Although this photo doesn’t have much to do with my post, they were awesome clouds (possibly mammatus, if I squint a bit?) that I observed with my own eyes from the location of the weather station.

How can I keep spiders out of my weather station?

I hadn’t thought about this problem until spiders, and specifically their webs, stopped my rain gauge from working. This happened a few months ago, and it continues to happen regularly. The spiders attach webs to the moving parts of the rain gauge so it never tips, and if it never tips, it never registers any rainfall!

I suspect that regular cleaning is the only way to sort this out, but I am lazy and I dislike spiders, so this is an unlikely solution… The other week I removed the louvredcasing to inspect the batteries (it had stopped transmitting data) and three huge spiders flew out as I slid the louvres off. It was pretty gross, as only one of the spiders remained alive past this point. The last one standing didn’t stand for much longer either. I’m pretty sure it was these spiders that sabotaged the data transmission in some arachnid conspiracy to try and stop me collecting sub-optimal highly non-standard observations. They aren’t doing a bad job, as we had to replace the part entirely, and in the process of trying to fix it we wiped all the observations for the last 3 or 4 months. OOPS. I was rather looking forward to continuing the graph of the oddball rainfall we’ve been having this year.

So if anyone has ideas on how I can make my weather station spider-proof, PLEASE let me know!