Update on weather station

Weather station MkII

Weather station MkII

A brief post on the weather station saga. A few weeks ago (at least), the anemometer (which measures wind speed) stopped working on my weather station. So yesterday, Dr Turnip (who is himself going viral in the blogosphere, eg here, here and here) and I took the weather station back to the shop (again) and this time, we just got a whole new weather station!

So, although I have a brand new weather station — which will hopefully last a bit longer than the last — I have lost almost 6 months worth of (admittedly shoddy) data. If I’d thought that they’d replace the unit entirely and take the old one, I’d have downloaded the last ~2 months data that was on it. But I didn’t predict that, so now it’s gone.

But, today’s a new day, and the weather station is up and running, so hopefully I’ll be able to collect some slightly dodgy met data once more!

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