The Milky Way through a dust storm on a mountaintop

This is a beautiful time-lapse photograph sequence, taken by Terje Sorgjerd. I’d advise watching it on his vimeo page, so you can read about it too. It was taken on a mountain (3718m) in the Canary Islands, and captures some spectacular scenes of the Milky Way, cloud decks flowing over land and sea, a Saharan dust storm, and even some flowers and trees. So that should please astronomy geeks, metos, and people who simply like to look at beautiful scenery.

He’s also taken an aurora time-lapse, which is equally incredible. I shared it a little while back, but it was definitely worth watching a second time.

Photopic Sky Survey

photopic sky survey

photopic sky survey

The Photopic Sky Survey is a truly incredible feat of photography. This guy travelled the world with his dad, taking 37,400 exposures of the night sky to produce the amazingly detailed picture above. What you see immediately in the picture is the Milky Way – our galaxy. On, you can zoom in on the picture, and overlay the constellations.

Check out Orion – a very familiar sight that stands out in our skies, but the detail makes it almost unrecognisable!