Reboots seem to be all the rage these years (BSG, Batman, Star Trek, Superman, Spiderman and even the Karate Kid?!), so I am rebooting this blog after an extended hiatus to finish and recover from my PhD.

Inspired by other scientist bloggers, I will endeavour to post on all things interesting and worth sharing, and promise not to simply post pictures of amazing geeky cakes.

But since you asked, I’ll share some just this one time

i hate iphoto

i hate iphoto.  just needed to vent but i cant really go into how angry iphoto makes me, it wouldt be fair on anyone reading this. suffice to say i advise you to never touch it, it’s the worst thing about macs (that i’ve found so far). even worse than the single mouse button.

if anyone has a recommended free mac equivalent to picasa – or even just the regular windows slideshow – let me know before i chuck the mac mini into the canal.

home at last

well actually at work right now, but nevermind…back from arran and missing the scenery already. and the great company of course.

just thought i’d say that i’d found a new toy: www.facebook.com

go here and you should be able to find me, if ive got the right url. i think u need to have a uni email address to register though… i need more friends so if ur reading this then join up!! ;-P